Odd Spot #538: Christmas crackers every month

Around 50% of the population may already know this. But for the other 50% here is a weird fact I just learnt.

Women using Fleur sanitary pads get Christmas crackers every month. You see, not only do you get a feminine hygiene product when you open a Libra Fleur pad. You also get a list of amazing facts, called Odd Spots.

Are you reddy for trivia in odd spots?I wonder if they stand with baited breath each month while attending to women’s business, waiting to see what amazing facts they will learn?

Do you think they hope to start early when they run out of things to mention during small talk?

Though, I think they may be being short changed on miscellaneous trivia. As can be seen, both Odd Spot #221 and #146 both state “Research indicates that mosquitoes are attracted to people who have recently eaters bananas“.

Not to mention the marketing genius involved in the packaging. Let’s see, it has to do with blood, we’ll make it pink with different coloured red spots. Just in case they find it in their handbag and can’t remember what it’s for.

It seems I’m a bit behind the times in noticing this though: Some people noticed it way back in 2004 [1,2]; though others seem just as surprised as me; and some think the Odd Spots are just a load of crap.

If you want anymore impressions you can go trawl Google blog search on the topic.

Although I have learnt two important things from this list: You shouldn’t talk about your mother around ferns; And don’t lick finger print recognition devices.

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4 Responses to Odd Spot #538: Christmas crackers every month

  1. Jennie says:

    The thing that fascinates me about these ridiculous ‘facts’ is that they absolutely NEVER concern menstruation and its side effects or even gynaecology, fertility or some other aspect of women’s health. Not only do I not need any more ‘lid facts’ in my life (the kids get plenty from soft drink bottles), but this is a great public health education opportunity missed!

  2. haylee says:

    i only ever buy libra pads as i love to read the odd spots they are really fascinating i really dont care if they are true or not. while your sitting on the toilet you have 2 choices either read the crap that people with no lives write on the cubical walls or enjoy a little bit of trivia (weather its true or not) i know which i prefer…..keep up the good work libra!!!!

  3. Laura says:

    I personally really like the Odd Spots!! When its “That time of the month” i really would prefer to read about some quirky fact, than hear about menstruation.. thats what Health Education at school is for!! Its disgusting enough without thinking about it more than you have to. Odd Spots are the perfect distraction!!

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