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Automated Santa 0.1

/* * Automated santa * Version: 0.1 * * * */ #include <seasons_greetings.h> #include <children.h> char[][] children; char[] child; children = populateChildren(); foreach (child in children) { merryChristmas(child); if (isBad(child)) noPresent(child); else if (isGood(child)) givePresent(child); else logException(child, “Christmas limbo”); … Continue reading

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Seen better tag lines in spam?

Walking past a newsagent last night I saw this ad for the Saturday Daily Telegraph. I’m sure I’ve seen these phrases somewhere before. Probably in investment advice spam email. You know the sort, those “Savvy Investor” “special offer you can’t … Continue reading

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Chocolate Pizza Cake

Went to a social event at Gourmet Pizza Kitchen in Chatswood tonight. And it definitely has fancy pizzas. I wasn’t involved in the ordering process, so I don’t know all the names of the pizzas, but with 10 people there … Continue reading

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New music: Chill out Chilli

Finished exams for the year. No more commitments, save Christmas. Time to relax and do things I haven’t had time for recently. So, after not touching GarageBand for 2 years I thought it was something to try again. I wanted … Continue reading

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Icecream at still life

A chocolate ice-cream cake covered in sorbet balls. Very nice to eat, but initially hard to serve. The cake proved too hard for slicing, so was served in scoops.

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