New music: Chill out Chilli

Chill out Chilli by Green Chilli MusicFinished exams for the year. No more commitments, save Christmas. Time to relax and do things I haven’t had time for recently.

So, after not touching GarageBand for 2 years I thought it was something to try again.

I wanted a piece that didn’t require too much effort, and matched my relaxed mood. Using just samples I put together my tune.

The next day I used images from stock.xchng to create the chilli on a fridge image. And uploaded the tune to MacJams.

Though after 2 years I’m a little rusty, and the song needed some tuning. 🙂 Fixed the volume and shortened the intro.

The final version can be found at:

Chill out Chilli 2

Edit: With the death of MacJames, this track has moved to Chill out Chilli 2 on Soundcloud.

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