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Odd Spot #538: Christmas crackers every month

Around 50% of the population may already know this. But for the other 50% here is a weird fact I just learnt. Women using Fleur sanitary pads get Christmas crackers every month. You see, not only do you get a … Continue reading

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Lambenting about Australia Day

Watching tennis this week I think I’ve had enough of the serve by Sam Kekovich. All that lambenting about Australia Day. In past years vegetarians and Cronulla rioters copped the flank. This year Sam racked up some more insulted parties, … Continue reading

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Prams put squeeze on Sydney buses

There is a baby boom in Sydney at the moment, most apparent in inner city suburbs. But state public transport system is failing new parents with prams. New policies by State Transit are making it harder to use the service, … Continue reading

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Necronomicon 2002 photos uploaded to flickr

Finished uploading my photos from Necronomicon 2002 to flickr last night. Previously hosted on the Necronomicon Gallery, I though they would be more accessible on flickr. You can also find them in the Australian RPG Conventions group. And the original … Continue reading

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MSG @ Home

One must understand that this cause and effect relationship is speculation… After dinner last night I got wavy lines in my vision, my vision then went very blurry on one side, and later on me head felt filled with cotton … Continue reading

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Green with envy, or goblin blood?

I stepped out of a bus in Newtown today to see the gutters of King Street running green. Should the Goblin Protection Agency be called? Or is someone just a little envious? Now the amount of water is consistent with … Continue reading

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Who or what is WPNG?

Seen stencils like this on a foot path or road near you? And what does ‘WPNG’ stand for? These have been popping up recently in my part of the world. Mostly on freshly dig and filled holes in the road … Continue reading

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Where is your Australian Passport advice?

Looking up information about Australian passports the other day I noticed the following sponsored link. The URL listed looked wrong to me. Australia doesn’t allow domains straight on the ‘.au’, only as second level domains. There is no But … Continue reading

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Time travelling bread on sale at Woolworths

At Woolworths in Marrickville Metro on Friday night I noticed some bread from a different time zone, +851 GMT. It was interesting to so much bread on sale, a full table and shelf. Must have cooked too much and about … Continue reading

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I just got 3 messages from one of my MSN contacts, all URL that redirect to A site that wants your username and password so that “Our system will login with this information and learn who has blocked you“. … Continue reading

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