is a scam!

I just got 3 messages from one of my MSN contacts, all URL that redirect to A site that wants your username and password so that “Our system will login with this information and learn who has blocked you“. is a scam!!

Any site that wants your username and password, however benevolent it may look, is a scam.

After they get your username and password they spam all your contacts with a URL that redirects to this site. You have just given someone else the keys to your house. 🙂

Go change your MSN password immediately!

And if you use the same username and password combo for other thing (like your email) go change the password on them too.

Other sites with the same message:

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  1. Jamie Boyle says:

    Yeah Block Delete is definitely a bad scam that is going around quite hardcore lately. He is also using other domains as well to get people to go to Phishing more personal information. A good tip is if people have fallen for this do tell all your friends and family about this scam going around. Best way to stop other victims from this scam is knowing about it before.

    Great blog and glad you are informing people about Block Delete. Will definitely help people.


    Jamie Boyle

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