Time travelling bread on sale at Woolworths

Time traveling bread

At Woolworths in Marrickville Metro on Friday night I noticed some bread from a different time zone, +851 GMT.

It was interesting to so much bread on sale, a full table and shelf. Must have cooked too much and about to go off. But close inspection revealed that it wasn’t to expire till 10 or 11 February 2008.

Only problem is it hadn’t even been baked yet! The baked date was ‘8 February 2008‘.

There is something fishy going on here, and I’m not talking Omega-3 in bread.

Time traveling bread

Woolworths must be shipping in bread from the future to supplement its bakery on high demand days. And they got carried away, shipping in too much from too far in the future. Looks like a job for Jean Claude Van Damme.

Though a more probable explanation for this is that someone set the date on the labelling machine wrong. So it is printing dates out of whack by more than a month. So Woolworths is probably just trying to sell off quickly bread that has been mislabelled.

The time travel version is more interesting, though the mislabelling is more likely correct.

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