Chocolate Pizza Cake

The cake is bleeding

Went to a social event at Gourmet Pizza Kitchen in Chatswood tonight. And it definitely has fancy pizzas.

I wasn’t involved in the ordering process, so I don’t know all the names of the pizzas, but with 10 people there an nice selection. From the prawn pizza with sweat chilli sauce to the beef pizza with yoghurt, they were all very nice. Enticing you to eat more.

And that is before you get to desert.

I forgot to take a photo of the pizzas at GPK, but here is a shot of the chocolate cake I got for desert. Moist and not too dense, with a moat of raspberry sauce.

My only gripe is the sound level in the restaurant. For a social venue it was hard to hear people not sitting next to you. Like the current trend in restaurants, too many hard surfaces and high ceilings.

Overall I think GPK was a nice restaurant. There was even a colouring book and pencils for the child at the table. Just have to remember to eat in moderation next time. 🙂

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