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Vote for… oops that was last weekend

I noticed this funny advertisement on the web today. (Actually on my own blog) Looks like an ad for a candidate in the Australian Federal Election. But whats so funny about it? Well, the election was last weekend and I’m … Continue reading

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AvP R – Australia, the other English

Looking at the Aliens vs Predator: Requiem site tonight it was interesting to see that there are three types of English: North American, Outside North American, and Australian. So what is the difference? Should we feel privileged, or outcasts? Examining … Continue reading

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LEGMO, playing with the building blocks of (plastic) life

Building Lego ducks for my child I ran out of appropriate blocks. Desperate to complete the project, as any Lego mad scientist would do, I chose to opt for a hybrid animal. Using pieces from the farm set, cow genes … Continue reading

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Bloggers’ Union on Strike

Came across this parody of the writers strike in the USA. Would the Internet survive if bloggers stopped? What would people do with all that time they spend blogging and reading other people’s blogs? (see YouTube movie below the fold)

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Current Internet spam, electoral advertising

There is a law that electronic advertising for elections in Australia must cease 3 days before the election, the last TV ads ran last night, but this law doesn’t apply to the internet. So expect to see lots of adverts … Continue reading

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How competant is your advertising agency?

Think your target market is a monorail user? Want to display ads to people as they zip past above the city? These people might be right for you, or maybe not. Walking through The Galleries Victoria I noticed an advertisement … Continue reading

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We’ll be hunting whalers, purely for scientific purposes

On Sunday Japan sent a whaling fleet off to hunt in the Antarctic. They say that the hunt is being conducted “purely for scientific purposes“. With an expected haul of 1000 whales I ask, why do they need to catch … Continue reading

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Jacaranda by streetlight

I have recently been taking a lot of pictures at night. The idea is to have a gallery of things that people do not normally pay attention to. Here is one I took last night of a Jacaranda hanging over … Continue reading

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What’s on Anthony Albanese’s shopping list?

I received this shopping list and magnet from the local member recently. A nice pad and a useful selection of contact numbers. It is interesting the order the phone numbers are in, not alphabetical. The first set of numbers are … Continue reading

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Australian Fedral Election flickr groups

There is a Federal Election coming up in Australia on 24 November 2007. All the major, and minor, politicians have a MySpace and a Facebook entry. But people seem to have neglected flickr. The only groups I easily found were … Continue reading

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