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Google takes over US Immigration

After spending billions of dollars on measures to catch terrorists, without any results, it is decided the public sector is not up to the job. “The marvels of modern technology,” said the woman, shrugging at a nearby sign: Immigration-Powered by … Continue reading

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OfficeOpenXMLConverter gone AWAL

404 error Ah, the joys of the new Word 2007 docx format. Had someone sent me a docx file today and needed to work out how to open it on a Mac. A quick search in Google found me the … Continue reading

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Have you enrolled to vote yet?

We all know that the Australian federal election has been called for 24 November, but did you realise that the electoral role closes when the election is called? You need to enroll if you have never been enrolled, or if … Continue reading

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Cruel Tcard twist to hit commuters

After 4 years there isn’t much to show for the $367 million Tcard contract with ERG. Both ERG and the NSW government bare some responsibility for the delay. And now they are thinking of making public transport more expensive when … Continue reading

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Technorati: Last blog refernce 38 years ago

Have you looked at your Technorati profile recently? Just looking at it now I noticed that nobody has referenced my site for 13,796 days. That seems like a long time. A quick use of the calculator shows that that works … Continue reading

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