OfficeOpenXMLConverter gone AWAL

OfficeOpenXMLConverter not found
404 error

Ah, the joys of the new Word 2007 docx format. Had someone sent me a docx file today and needed to work out how to open it on a Mac.

A quick search in Google found me the Microsoft Office Open XML File Format Converter for Mac 0.1.1 (Beta). Unfortunately the Download now! link displays a generic IIS 404 error page 🙁

Which left me with a converter that I can’t download. Looking at the general Mactopia download page I found there is now a 0.2 version available. And the download link works correctly on this page.

So why does the page for the old 0.1.1 version of the converter shows up in Google before the 0.2 version? Probably because more people, like the article How do I open docx files ?, link to it.

So it would stave off confusion if Microsoft just redirected the old page to the new page. I’ll try dropping them a note via the feedback form and see if that gets anywhere.

Oh, and could do with something other a generic IIS 404 error page .

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