Have you enrolled to vote yet?

We all know that the Australian federal election has been called for 24 November, but did you realise that the electoral role closes when the election is called?

You need to enroll if you have never been enrolled, or if your details have changed recently (eg name or address changed).

So, if you are enrolling for the first time your registration needs to be received by 8pm on Wednesday 17 (tomorrow). And if you are updating details you have till 8pm on Tuesday 23 October. See the AEC Close of Rolls page.

Don’t want to miss out on voting? Check the Australian Electoral Commission site for more info about enrolling. Or call the number to check your enrolment.

Australian Electoral Commission
13 23 26

Remember voting is not just a privilege, it is also a responsibility. Enroll to vote and make you voice heard.

Thank you to Disco Knitter for reminding me to do a post about this.

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