We’ll be hunting whalers, purely for scientific purposes

On Sunday Japan sent a whaling fleet off to hunt in the Antarctic. They say that the hunt is being conducted “purely for scientific purposes“. With an expected haul of 1000 whales I ask, why do they need to catch so many for scientific research?

They wish to measure gender and age distribution of whales. But isn’t this Heisenberg whale counting? Don’t you affect the result by your study?

Sea Shepherd, a radical environmental group, has decided to take matters into their own hands. They intend to “directly intervene and put an end to this criminal behaviour”. And if absolutely necessary will ram whaling vessels.

Is really necessary? Sea Shepard seem to have decided that Japan will not listen to reason, so drastic actions are needed.

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2 Responses to We’ll be hunting whalers, purely for scientific purposes

  1. Martin says:

    This story still makes my blood boil. I cannot see any reason to allow this slaughter to go on. The Japanese cannot be so insensitive to the effect this trade has on their international image. Keep the pressure up and we’ll help the thinking Japanese voter put an end to it.

  2. daisk5 says:

    Japanese whale fishing is completely lawful.
    And is completely scientific.
    In addition, it is a Japanese gastronomic culture to eat whales.
    You should refrain from the act of denying the culture of another country.
    watch this video.

    To the person who wants to know why Japan hunts whales

    [DragonBall] Freezer VS Japanese whaling


    Why do the media of australia tell a lie and censorship?
    if doubt me? Post my comment this URL.

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