How competant is your advertising agency?

Incompetent advertiserThink your target market is a monorail user? Want to display ads to people as they zip past above the city? These people might be right for you, or maybe not.

Walking through The Galleries Victoria I noticed an advertisement trying to sell advertising space on the monorail station. All the information you need to get in contact with them, phone, mobile and email. But this last one made me shake my head.

The number of companies that think a companyname@isp email address is an ok corporate image astounds me. And to see a company that deals with advertising not understanding this is more worrying.

If you are a company or sole trader get yourself a domain and use that for advertising (web and email). Australian domains are really not that expensive. It will make you look more like a company and less like someone that operates out of their mom’s garage.

Incompetent advertiser

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