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There is a law that electronic advertising for elections in Australia must cease 3 days before the election, the last TV ads ran last night, but this law doesn’t apply to the internet. So expect to see lots of adverts on your favourite news and social sites.

Interest rates adFor example, off at the Sydney Morning Herald you get to see lots of Flash driven political advertising. Like this Flash version of the interest rate fud ad. Saying ‘interest rates have risen to more than 10%’ for each previous Labor government.

I’m interested to know where they got their figures. I though by the time Keating was in the rates were on the way down. If you look at the graph on this site, or even the figures from the RBA site, you can see that 12% was on the way down.

Ok, they may have gone back up to 10.2% during the ‘recession we had to have‘, but not 12%.

On another note it is interesting to see that both the Liberals and the Greens got in trouble for forgetting to put the name and address of the authorising agent on their Facebook ads. The Greens have fixed the problem, but the Liberal party just pulled the ads.

While talking about social networks it is nice so see that the Federal Election ’07 flickr group I setup now has 111 photos. Few of these are from the Liberal party, most being from Labor, the Greens and other minor groups. I did go looking for photos from all parties to invite.

Maybe the Liberals aren’t interested in flickr? Though I suspect many photos from all sides are not tagged well, making them all hard to find and invite.

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