Australian Fedral Election flickr groups

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There is a Federal Election coming up in Australia on 24 November 2007. All the major, and minor, politicians have a MySpace and a Facebook entry. But people seem to have neglected flickr.

The only groups I easily found were for some of the minor parties:

And a group of humorous election mockups:

If you search through the photos you can find quite a few relevant to the election, if you use the right permutations of keywords. So, to make life easier I created a flickr group:

Federal Election ’07

Adding my own photos and inviting all the photos that I could find.

I’m sure there are more photos than those I could find. So if you have your own election photos on flickr please add them to the group. The group is intended to be bipartisan and will accept photos from all parties, as well as other election related things.

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