Having trouble with your Google PR?

There have been a number of articles recently written about Google changing their Page Rank (PR) algorithm. And as a result everybody’s page rank has gone down.

Well, you can’t have everybody’s Page Rank go down. I’m pretty sure that Google RP works on a logarithmic scale. There are a lot of people with a PR of 1 and only a few with a PR of 10, with a gradient in between.

Using that model, if some people go down others must have gone up. Keeping the same ratio across the curve.

I think the big losers in the algorithm change were bloggers. It looks to me like the changes are designed to combat splogs (Spam blogs) and blogs created as link farms.

To prove my point, a couple of the sites I manage went from PR 3 to 4. I don’t think it is bad news for everyone, the sky is not going to fall in, just a reordering of rankings.

It appears that the weight of links from blogs has decreased. So, all the bloggers just need to go get more links to their blogs from ‘real’ sites. 🙂

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