Moved blog to new url…

Just moved my blog to a new domain, I think this will work better in the long run, but is a pain in the short run.

All the things you have to do when moving sites.

You have to tell Google and Yahoo about your new site, and add sitemaps again. Then wait the month or more while their indexes update.

Not to mention that Technorati has no means for moving your blog from one domain to another. You have to add the moved blog to your Technorati Profile as a new blog, loosing your previous links and ranking.

So make sure the old url forwards to the new one for the foreseeable future, or you will loose a lot of traffic as nobody will be able to find you.

I should probably also update my Google Analytics profile for this blog.

Plus the new URL needs a new look and feel. Though I think that can wait. The old theme still looks ok, and will do till a new one can be found or produced.

Ah, the joys of moving sites. Not something you want to do everyday.

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  1. Leefe says:

    And then this morning I remembered to update Feedburner. I’m sure I’ll remember all the other places that I need to update sooner or later 😐

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