Playground for little kids or big kids?

Closed but not locked.Camperdown Memorial park children’s playground is in disrepair. From the pile of empty bottles outside the playground it looks as if there was a party in the playground. And a rowdy one at that.

The lock on the gate is broken. So without an ever constant eye a child may escape. Or a dog may enter.

Sandpit or ashtray?And both sand pits are full of cigarette buts. Not to mention the odd bottle cap and piece of glass. Not really the thing for a kids playground. I can see some kid slicing their foot open.

The sandpits need someone to run them through a sieve, like they do at the major beaches.

Come un-swungNow the broken swing I can’t definitely blame on the apparent party, but it is another sign of disrepair.

Considering inner city Sydney has a baby boom, it would be nice if facilities for children were kept in better repair.

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