Who will dub Iron Chef Australia?

Iron Chef AustraliaPopping up around Sydney at the moment are ads for a new Channel 7 show, Iron Chef Australia.

From the poster I can see they have selected Neil Perry, Guy Grossi and Guillaume Brahimi as their Iron Chefs. I don’t watch enough TV these days (not that that is bad thing) and only recognise Neil Perry. Do the others appear well in front of a camera (and I don’t just mean promo photos)?

Though, the main thing I want to know about this show is, who is going to dub it?

You can’t have the chefs and commentators doing their own speaking. All the fun would be lost from the show.

Oh, and the Chairman needs to be subtitled.

Iron Chef Australia (Behind the box, 13 Sep 2010)
Seven reveals Iron Chef Australia host (The Spy Report, 10 Sep 2010)

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