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Get on the ethical coffee bandwgon

Is ethics a current fad, or do businesses actually believe in it? I noticed this sign outside the Starbucks in George Street, Sydney yesterday. Apparently now all their coffee is sourced ethically. “The espresso in your favourite Starbucks’ beverages is … Continue reading

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Home Gruen

The Gruen Transfer started again on the ABC last Wednesday. As a result the Sydney Morning Herald had a number of articles on it. And reading Adversarial ad men (SMH, 17 March2009) confirmed a feeling that I got last year … Continue reading

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Get on the iPod train

Looking back through the photos I have taken in Tokyo I found this one of a train covered in iPod advertisements. Not just the outside, but also all the ads inside. Being the major transportation form in Tokyo, about 70% … Continue reading

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Boxed in on the train

This train is only medium full, I have been on much more crowed trains in Tokyo, where you can’t move. The interesting thing about this shot is the advertisement for boxer briefs in multiple colours and patterns. In Tokyo you … Continue reading

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Nano big at Shinjuku station

As you leave Shinjuku station via the west exit you can’t but notice the mass of advertising for Apple iPod Nano. The rise between the pedestrian level and the ceiling has a ring of iPod advertisements (pictured below). And many … Continue reading

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Where is your Australian Passport advice?

Looking up information about Australian passports the other day I noticed the following sponsored link. The URL listed looked wrong to me. Australia doesn’t allow domains straight on the ‘.au’, only as second level domains. There is no www.AustralianPassportAdvice.au. But … Continue reading

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Vote for… oops that was last weekend

I noticed this funny advertisement on the web today. (Actually on my own blog) Looks like an ad for a candidate in the Australian Federal Election. But whats so funny about it? Well, the election was last weekend and I’m … Continue reading

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Current Internet spam, electoral advertising

There is a law that electronic advertising for elections in Australia must cease 3 days before the election, the last TV ads ran last night, but this law doesn’t apply to the internet. So expect to see lots of adverts … Continue reading

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How competant is your advertising agency?

Think your target market is a monorail user? Want to display ads to people as they zip past above the city? These people might be right for you, or maybe not. Walking through The Galleries Victoria I noticed an advertisement … Continue reading

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Older model babysitter

Found this on a community noticeboard. Reliable maybe and not too expensive, but don’t let them teach your kid English.

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