Nano big at Shinjuku station

As you leave Shinjuku station via the west exit you can’t but notice the mass of advertising for Apple iPod Nano. The rise between the pedestrian level and the ceiling has a ring of iPod advertisements (pictured below). And many of the pillars had the same advertisement on each side.

While this may seem like overkill, here in Tokyo I have seen a whole train covered in advertisements for one product. All the ads on the walls and hanging from the ceiling conveyed the same message. And the same video ads in the train playing over and over again.

It seems that advertising campaigns here in Tokyo can be overwhelming, but short in duration, and then disappear like the last season.

For those interested, the ads say “Nano 色いろ” (iroiro). The Kanji means ‘colour’, and is pronounced ‘iro’. The Hiragana that follows is also pronounced the same. The pun being that, いろいろ, pronounced  ‘iroiro’, means ‘various’.

When nano isn't small...

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