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Constructing a train station sign

It was interesting to see how many people were involved in the construction of a sign on the concourse of this station. People to put up the sign, people too protect the public, and people to supervise them all. I’m … Continue reading

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Internet Censorship in Australia – Getup and do something!

Federal Minister for Communications Stephen Conroy is trying to implement mandatory filtering of the internet amid public outcry. Online “activists” at Getup have organised a campaign that has received over 22,000 signatures in just one day, in an attempt to … Continue reading

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Land of the Loyalty Club

If you have ever walked the streets of Tokyo you will understand why Japan is the land of the loyalty club. At station hubs there are many stores and supermarkets. Not to mention the number of small stores scattered across … Continue reading

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Fahrenheit 451 staring Stephen Conroy

For those that can’t read all the text on the movie poster: presented by OFFICE OF FILM AND LITERATURE CLASSIFICATION Stephen Conroy as Guy Montag Fahrenheit 451 2009? staring STEPHEN CONROY and STEVE FIELDING director AUSTRALIAN COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA AUTHORITY … Continue reading

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Why are we negative about what other people do?

I was reading an RPG forum where someone posed the question: Open question: Why do we, at times, feel compelled to look at something else that someone does for fun and evaluate it negatively? There were a number of pages … Continue reading

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What will be the next ‘e’ ?

Over the recent time some letters have found fame (and fortune?), while others have languished in obscurity. The letter ‘e’, already the most common letter in the English alphabet, has gained more ground as the short hand for electronic in … Continue reading

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Clouds over TiTech

Photo of the clouds over building 9 at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

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Accepting the new black America

Yesterday I turned on the TV in my phone just in time to watch Obama’s acceptance speech (serendipity perhaps). He scored 336 to 158 (or something like that). It reminded me of an opinion piece I read earlier that day … Continue reading

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It’s already Christmas in Tokyo

Walking around Shinjuku I found that it is already Christmas in Tokyo. Tokyo Hands in the Takashimaya building has a display of Christmas decorations on sale. Including a snowman build from a frame of little lights, and many other light … Continue reading

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Battling Australian unis to bring back fees

UNIVERSITIES will be allowed to charge students a compulsory fee of up to $250 a year to revitalise campus amenities and services which have deteriorated drastically since the abolition of compulsory student unionism. But these fees will go to the … Continue reading

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