What will be the next ‘e’ ?

Over the recent time some letters have found fame (and fortune?), while others have languished in obscurity. The letter ‘e’, already the most common letter in the English alphabet, has gained more ground as the short hand for electronic in things like E-mail and E-commerce.

The letter ‘i’ gained much fame as the Internet, with iMacs, iPhones, and other illiteration. While the letter  ‘m’ had only a short life as mobile.

The table below contains a list of letters that have had their 15 minutes of fame:

B Business (B2B)
C Consumer (B2C)
E Electronic (e-mail, e-commerce)
G Google (gmail)
I Internet (iMac, iPhone, iTools)
K Kilo (1000, Y2K)
M Mobile
S Secure (https, sftp, ssh)
X Unknown, X-rated
Y, Z Further unknowns

What do you think will be the next big letter?
Who will be the new ‘e’ ?

Some possible ideas:

C Cloud computing
P Personal
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