Why are we negative about what other people do?

I was reading an RPG forum where someone posed the question:

Open question: Why do we, at times, feel compelled to look at something else that someone does for fun and evaluate it negatively?

There were a number of pages of people’s opinions about the matter. Some with a lot of philosophy. I didn’t really have time to read them all, and the answer is really very simple:

I haven’t read through all the 3 pages of posts, so I don’t know what everyone else has written, but I think it can easily be summed up by the following:

  1. People like to feel good about them self.
  2. People like to feel they are better than others.
  3. The easiest way to do this is to put other people down.

And if you think otherwise you are misguided and don’t know what you are talking about 🙂

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