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Analysing the Time 100 influential results

Time have their ‘100 most influential people’ poll on at the moment. It is interesting to analyse the voting results so far. Like the person with the most ‘Yes’ votes has almost double the number for the next person, but … Continue reading

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What is the collective noun for people wearing fluoro? (photo)

Walking past Central Park in Broadway, Ultimo today I noticed this large group of people wearing fluoro vests walking along together. Which sparked the question, what do you call a group of people wearing fluoro? What is the correct collective … Continue reading

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People on the platform (photo)

A long row of people stand on platform 22 at Central Station, Sydney waiting for the train going around the city circle via St James.

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Evening peak hour, Central

Looking down the tunnel from Central station to Railway Square, Sydney, Australia.

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Boxed in on the train

This train is only medium full, I have been on much more crowed trains in Tokyo, where you can’t move. The interesting thing about this shot is the advertisement for boxer briefs in multiple colours and patterns. In Tokyo you … Continue reading

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Queue at Sensoji temple in Asakusa as the new year begins

On new years eve we went and queued up at Sensoji temple in Asakusa. It is custom for Japanese to visit a temple to pray on the first day of the new year. And we though it would be interesting … Continue reading

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