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I want a Japanese .テスト domain

Browsing the IANA – Root Zone Database I notices there are a few root level domains that exist for testing purposes. Scroll right to the bottom of the page and you will find .テスト (TeSuTo for those that can’t read … Continue reading

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No Japanese slogans for TypeTees

Have you ever gone looking at Threadless? There are some nice T-shirts there. It is a community driven T-shirt site. People submit designs; they get voted on; and if the votes are enough they get their T-shirts printed (& US$2000). … Continue reading

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Japanese anti-grope phone application

In Japan there is a problem of women being groped by on trains. As a way to combat this an anti-grope application was written for mobile phones games developer Takahashi. Released back in 2005, but only recently becoming popular, the … Continue reading

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