No Japanese slogans for TypeTees

Have you ever gone looking at Threadless? There are some nice T-shirts there. It is a community driven T-shirt site. People submit designs; they get voted on; and if the votes are enough they get their T-shirts printed (& US$2000).

Since I don’t have time to do up designs at the moment I thought I’d have a play with it’s sister site, TypeTees. Similar deal, but this time you submit slogans to be voted on. Though, since they are so easy to submit there is a lot of chaff with the wheat.

So, I thought I’d start with some Japanese, something different from the rest. Unfortunately my initial attempts produced errors, the slogan was too long.


There is a 65 character limit on slogans, and TypeTees converts the input box to HTML escaped Unicode. So at 8 letters per Japanese character it is a bit long. Limiting you to a max of 8 characters (65/8=8.125).

My next try was a nice short enter in Katakana.


And it was accepted without error. Unfortunately TypeTees displays the slogan as HTML entities. 🙁

& #12501;& #12449;& #12540;& #12461;& #12517;

Which is unlikely to get many votes.

It is a pity that TypeTees has a limited character set. I’ll just have to go and use Japanese slogans elsewhere.

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