Proposed advertisement for XP

Some time in the post I wrote a joke advert for WinXP based on a RPG senario. I recently found it in Google Groups and have reposted it here for your enjoyment. 🙂

Two D&D players are walking down the road.
Player 1 is a white male, age 17-19. Player 2 is a white female, age 17-19.

Player 1: My character is only 3rd level. It is taking so long to get to 4th.
Player 2: Well my char is 6th level.
Player 1: Wow, how did you do that so fast? I’m finding it so hard to earn enough eXperience Points.
Player 2: Recently I installed Windows XP on my character. It comes with MyRPG XP which makes it so much easier to keep track of my characters’s eXperience Points, making sure i don’t loose any points & that i get all the bonuses.

[Player 2 turns to face the camera smiling. She is prominently holding her character sheet with Windows XP installed.]

See the original usernet post on Google Groups here.

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