links for 2010-05-31

  • Cell phone networks represent probably the most effective data collectors of all time: almost everyone's movements and communications are logged in some way by these firms thanks to the ubiquity of cell phones. Now they're beginning to wake up to the value of that data
  • Some time ago, I posted a list of what were either complete misunderstandings, misrepresentations, or out and out lies presented by Stephen Conroy in regards to his utterly flawed proposal to introduce legislation to compulsorily censor the internet in Australia.
  • National broadband provider iiNet today rejected Communications Minister Stephen Conroy’s claim over the weekend that it welcomed the Government’s filtering project.
  • Primary school students and elderly users of social networking sites are most at risk when going online, according to privacy experts and child protection advocates.
  • Internet use has become so woven into everyday life that some technology experts say online access should be legally protected, even to the point of considering it a human right.
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