links for 2010-08-26

  • Revolution of the thinking voter turns politics green – Sorry but I'm not convinced a hung parliament is a terrible thing. It may end up being a good thing. I see it as the revolt of thinking voters against an election campaign that was aimed almost exclusively at unthinking voters.
  • KERRY O’Brien was correct on Saturday night, just as he was in 2007, when he accidentally declared: ‘‘A win for the ABC.’’ He meant to say ‘‘the ALP’’ but he was right; his employer was yet again the network most Australians turned to for election results and analysis.
  • After more than two years of negotiations, Australia and 10 countries formulating a landmark copyright agreement are hopeful of a resolution by next month. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement aims to set rules for the operations of intellectual property laws around the world, with a focus on cracking down on internet piracy.
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