links for 2010-11-05

  • The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission alleges warranty rights violations against part retailer MSY. Amongst serious PC upgraders and hardware tweakers, MSY has a reputation for both unbeatable prices and at times poor service. Following the announcement today that the ACCC has begun legal proceedings against the retailer, it might soon be possible to attach the term 'outright dodgy' as well.
  • The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has instituted legal proceedings in the Federal Court against MSY Technology Pty Ltd and four of its related companies for alleged false or misleading warranty representations in breach of the Trade Practices Act 1974
  • In the lead up to the SCAG meeting in December, we’ll be running a series of guest posts on the subject. First up – John Kinbacher from Grow Up Australia. – 2010: A Ratings Odyssey
  • Activist group GetUp! has unveiled a television advertising campaign targeting bank penalty fees. The ad, produced in conjunction with consumer group Choice, parodies the ANZ Bank's popular "Barbara" ads. The activist ad concludes that despite the message of the ANZ campaign, when it comes to fees, ANZ is "just another bloody bank".
  • "Any time anyone – especially politicians – raises the spectre of evil corporations tracking the movements of consumers and manipulating their minds, invariably Minority Report is cited as a harbinger." These days online services track and predict your movements. What level of choice to people have?
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