links for 2011-02-06

  • Telco giant Telstra has asked the government to keep potential reviews of policy surrounding copyright infringement off the table until a court case being heard on the matter is completed.
  • The US secretary of state Hillary Clinton today signalled how far the US has swung its support behind vice-president Omar Suleiman and the transition process he is leading in Egypt.
  • The US secretly agreed to give the Russians sensitive information on Britain’s nuclear deterrent to persuade them to sign a key treaty, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.
  • Bottom-up change may happen, but it still depends on top-down control from corporation and governments to allow it happen. those that control the Internet/communication.
  • Claiming SSL is not computationally expensive is like saying gas is not expensive when you don’t have to drive to work every day.
  • If you're new to negotiating or find it difficult, here are some missteps to avoid.
  • With mandatory Internet filters all but scuttled by the Greens and the Coalition. Stephen Conroy is happy that telcos have been coerced into adopting 'Voluntary' Internet filters.
  • A leading sushi restaurant chain has admitted it paid some foreign staff as little as $9 an hour, in what workplace experts warn is the tip of a ''massive black economy'' in Australia's hospitality industry.
  • Factional tensions are rumbling in the Coalition with MPs divided on Tony Abbott's performance during the flood crisis as the Opposition Leader attempts to shrug off an embarrassing fund-raising gaffe.
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