Monthly Archives: April 2012

Robot Nerd 1.0 (cartoon)

Say hi to robot nerd. Here is version 1.0.  I’m going to add some more detail and colour it in for version 2.0. 🙂

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Miss M (cartoon)

A drawing of my Miss M, albeit, looking a little older than she is.

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Bacon a cake for @RenaiLeMay (for earlier this week) #cartoon

Here is a cartoon I cooked up for Renai LeMay’s birthday. Hope you had a good one. Or should I say “Happy Baconthday” ? 🙂

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Hold on, that’s a thong (photo)

In Australia they’re called thongs, though elsewhere people call them flip-flops, but, did we really need a vending machine of them? (Spotted in The Galleries Victoria, Sydney)

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2:01 AM v1.0 and counting…

This post should appear at 2:01 AM. But will it appear twice? Or maybe be tweeted twice? At 3:00 AM daylight saving ends today in Eastern Australia. And time is wound back to 2:00 AM. So this is a test … Continue reading

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