Can’t post to MacJams

I was finally got round to writing my first full length soung in GarageBand. And I was going to post it to MacJams but found I didn’t have the status to do so 🙁

Sorry, you must earn 20 participation points before uploading a song.

Participation points can be earned by taking various actions in our community. For example, each post you make in our forums, each comment you make about a song, or each new story or article you submit to the site will earn you points.

The easiest way to earn points is to comment on the songs of others. The longer, more involved comment you leave, the more points you’ll get.

You can see how many points you currently have by clicking “My Profile” in the “My MacJams” box on the upper right corner of the screen.

A bit disappointing. Finally got round to writting something and I can’t post it. Have to comment on someone else’s work now I suppose.

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