Web sites that work even better than they look!

I’m not really sure if I believe the message on the site of WebMastery:

Web sites that work even better than they look!

One line on a plain green site that hasn’t been up dated since ‘Wed, 11 Jul 2001 17:47:19’ [1]

The Rest of the site is even more fun. The About us, Web Hosting Solutions, Hosted Solutions , Custom Development, Contact us and Site map pages all display the same 404 error page, which is self referencing. 🙂

So why the interest in this site?Well I just received 2 copies of the latest Australian Macworld. Both with the wrong name on them.[2] So it looks like Aus macworld has screwed up their mailout this month.


Looking at the Australian Macworld web site, to check for contact number or email address to sort out this problem, I decided that Nich Media need to do something with their site.

Have a look at the National Account page where it has a storey about “One Klingon sacrificed Tokyo. Minnesota bought two extremely purple Jabberwockies,…”. Oh, and the guy with the jackhammer is wonderful.

And the page for io Mitre 10 displays a 404 error page from WebMastery.

So, would you buy web design from this company?

1. What Mozilla reports as the page’s last modified date.
2. This first one has my first name, but not my surname, on the address. The second one to completely the wrong name.


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