Ring Of Australian RoleplayING gets its own domain

After 9 years of existence the Ring Of Australian RoleplayING gets its own domain.


For those unfamiliar with it, the ROARING is a webring of sites about roleplaying in Australia. Containing many sites for RPG conventions, clubs and gaming groups.

Previously hosted on Necronomicon.org, a change in policy by management has seen the need to move the ring’s home site. And I decided that since the ROARING was moving it may as well get its own domain.

So after 9 years, and a number of incarnations of Webring*, the ring is still going. The ring could always do with more members, came add your site today.


* Originally owned by the creators; then sold to Yahoo and manages by the creators; then bought back when Yahoo decided it wasn’t profitable. (Or something like that. All the changes have been lots of ‘fun’ for ring managers.).

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