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LAN Party in Queensland ?

With the proposed merger between the Liberals and Nationals in Queensland I think they have made an error with their choice of name for the new party. Their proposed name is the New Liberals. Had they chosen to just join … Continue reading

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Australia to legalise media shift

When you turn a CDs into MP3s to upload to your iPod you are breaking the law. In Australia copyright law does not allow for media shift. The SMH reports that the minister for communication is considering amendments to the … Continue reading

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T-shirt shops

I’ve had a few ideas for things I thought would look good on T-shirts, both phrases and some cartoons. Not having the time to produce and market them myself I looked at the sites that offer a prefab online stores. … Continue reading

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New iPod ad.

Camera sweeps threough a cave full with rubble. Centres on a metal cage and zooms in on two people inside. Covered in dust you only see two silhouettes. White cords run from their ears to small white boxes. A voice … Continue reading

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Petrol prices should be higher…

Or at lease that is what an interesting article by a SMH journalist says. The article says higher prices will change our consumption habbits. And that state governments should be spending more on public transport, not more on express ways. … Continue reading

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