Things not to do in an rpg…

I was recently reading a blog post of things not to do in a roleplaying game, Things Mr. Welch can no longer do in an RPG 501-950 (2006-11-28 21:36:00). There are some items that are quite funny. My favourite being:

521. I will not convince the entire party to play Amish for the cyberpunk campaign.

I think this would be quite fun, playing an Amish character in a cyberpunk campaign.

It should be quite doable in a Shadowrun campaign. Have a mage or Shaman that is Amish, they already shun technology to some extent. Or in a Cyberpunk 2020 campaign have an Amish Solo. A long bearded man, in a big overcoat, with little to no cyberwear.

You just need to update being Amish a little. The Ordnung, the set of rules observed by the Amish, varies between communities and changes over time. Some Amish communities shun technology, others accept it for limited use.

Some more points that I thought were interesting/funny:

513. Trying to rip the face off the villain will not get the Scooby-Doo ending.

514. No giving my Roman gladiator the short disadvantage and naming him Minimus.

520. Under no circumstances is my medical droid allowed a groin mounted rectal thermometer.

546. Dead party members, while effective, are not appropriate anti-grenade measures.

588. Paladins are immune to STDs, but if I take advantage of this ability, I lose it. Wonderful paradox, isn’t it?

674. When deciding what to do with the ancient alien artifacts we discovered, EBAY is not an option.

And I had ideas for a games that relates to the last item:

950. The ability to give superpowers to characters is acceptable. Naming the character Captain Franchise is not.

Some of the items, though, are a little crass or in jokes that don’t make sense.

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