Newtown IGA is no more…

Are you the sort of Newtownian that thinks at 11pm “I need some blah, better duck off to Newtown IGA” ?

Well as of tonight that might be a thing of the past. 🙁

In my jaunt off to Newtown IGA tonight I found it closed and someone scrapping off the IGA logo from inside the windows. Looks like it is now a Franklins. That’s what the new sign hanging from the awning says anyway.

I wonder what the new stores opening hours will be? I saw the old list of times coming down, but didn’t hang around long enough to see what the new times are. I hope they don’t change.

The other question being will the supermarket change what they stock, becoming part of a major chain again? IGAs are given an amount of flexibility in what they stock, more organics in Newtown and a store in Enmore has a good range of Asian vegetables. Will being a Franklins make their stock conform to a set list, or will they still be able to choose a variation suitable for the stores location?

I only wish I had a camera on me to take pictures of people scrapping the IGA logo off windows.

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2 Responses to Newtown IGA is no more…

  1. pipi11 says:

    I believe store Hours are the same and the great staff that was there before is still there. Well done guys cheaper prices for Newtown with same great service ill keep shopping there.

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