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TiVo and EPG, a guide to TV programs in Australia

It was interesting to read Nick Miller’s article (SMH, 30 May 207) about TiVo being introduced to Australia in partnership with Seven Network*. ‘Time-shift’ free to air digital TV. But you need to know need to know when all the … Continue reading

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Going round the corners

Do you like boxes on your web sites that are square or with rounded corners? They look smoother with rounded corners don’t they? More like buttons. Well CSS3 is adding a rounded corners property, but it is still not yet … Continue reading

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Look what came out of the box, and ate Pandora

Reading a post Death By Lawyer: 10 Cool Sites We Miss and was interested to find Pandora listed there. Had been using Pandora for a while. Nice project that creates virtual radio stations based on your tastes in music. But … Continue reading

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Late night buskers

Walking through Newtown tonight there was a large crowd gathered around a band of buskers under the “I have a dream” mural in King st. Two on drums, two guitars and two saxophone players. Well done with a good feel … Continue reading

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Do not call this web site

The Australian government site put up to host the “Do not call” list, to allow Australians to opt out of being called by market research and most of the other people that call you*, has been so overwhelmed by people … Continue reading

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Newtown IGA is no more… (2)

(Follow up to Newtown IGA is no more…) I visited the ‘new’ store tonight. The new opening hours sign is up, and the times are the same. The supermarket in Newtown was once a Franklins, but when Woolworths bought the … Continue reading

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