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Tin Soldier in Sydney CBD has closed

Walking down York street I thought I would stick my head into The Tin Soldier, and found that it had closed. Further enquires to their “Perith” store or web site. As I stood there looking at the sign there were … Continue reading

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Don’t go through this door, its sharp

It is interesting the peculiarities of shops in different parts of the world. In Japan they play music at you when they are going to close, you get about 15 minutes warning. And quite often they will play Auld Lang … Continue reading

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BBNT – Be back next time, I think not

Trying to sort through my 365 Nights photos and workout what extra needs to be uploaded (a lot really). And I came across this photo I took of the closed BBNT (Burgers, Burritos, Nachos and Tacos) in Newtown. The store … Continue reading

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Look what came out of the box, and ate Pandora

Reading a post Death By Lawyer: 10 Cool Sites We Miss and was interested to find Pandora listed there. Had been using Pandora for a while. Nice project that creates virtual radio stations based on your tastes in music. But … Continue reading

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