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Battlestar Galactica Vs Star Wars Vs Star Trek Vs Babylon 5

Ever wondered what would happen if you stuck elements from major space operas into one universe? Finding this movie on YouTube I see that someone has. And has the skills to create it. Good animation and reasonably scripted scenes. (YouTube … Continue reading

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US Government wants an advance screening…

Reading an article on Computerworld titled US gov’t seeks builder for military robot, where the first paragraph states: “Creative scientists have until next week to submit proposals for creating a shape-shifting military robot that can shrink and then reconfigure itself … Continue reading

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SDP, Student Diplomacy and Politics

The final SDP presentation was Friday a week ago. And Richard was there taking more photos. Here is another photo of the photographer. Yesterday was program demonstrations, ie does the program you designed actually work, we got 100%. So the … Continue reading

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Fake perl in oyster, read all about it

As it happens there is a man selling Sydney Rock Oysters laced with Viagra. His idea was to produce a super aphrodisiac. Perhaps a smart marketing move, unfortunately the same can’t be said about his Internet usage. He has been … Continue reading

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