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Privacy concerns with MySpace

When entering information in MySpace you are given the option to hide some things, but they break their option and show the info in other places. And it turns out that MySpace are ageist. Hide your dob? MySpace gives you … Continue reading

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Y, sometimes, X doesn’t mark the spot

Been having trouble getting X Windows forwarding to work from my Mac. It used to work, but hasn’t worked for a bit. Turns out that from Mac OS X 10.4 stuff was changed and the ssh ‘-X’ flag doesn’t work … Continue reading

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Innerwest’s lights punched out by Energy Australia

Last night a number of suburbs had their light turned off at a quarter to five. And not by choice. It appears that some Energy Australia workers were ‘tinkering with’ the network in St Peters and ‘a fault occurred’ causing … Continue reading

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Sexy in space

New space suits are being designed by MIT. Described as being reminiscent of Barbarella, they are figure hugging and use “‘mechanical counterpressure’ rather than gas to maintain Earth-like conditions for astronauts”. Professor Dava Newman is working on ‘BioSuits’ that will … Continue reading

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A night on King St Newtown

Photo of a crescent moon hanging over King St Church St intersection in Newtown.

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Sydney freezes

Yesterday was cold in Sydney, today was even colder, if only by 1 degree. Today was the coldest day Sydney has seen in 21 years, with a temperature of 3.7 degrees C at 6:45am. Sydney has coldest July day in … Continue reading

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Night settles on Enmore Park

Photo from Enmore Park as night settles on the horizon. Using the huge tree in the park at the centrepiece with silhouettes of clouds over head.

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Inner city kiddom

There is a current baby boom in inner city Sydney. And it is putting strain on the resources that weren’t expecting it. Just ask RPA who down sized their labour ward before the boom. If you walk around Newtown you … Continue reading

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Stuck in a web game

Having just finished all my Uni assignments I have a lot more free time now, and a need to de-stress. So what do I do that doesn’t require too much brain power and is not important? Someone pointed me in … Continue reading

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T&C are paramount to science fiction

There is a competition for the new Transformers movie on the Australian SciFi channel’s web site. Unfortunately there are some quality control issues with the competition entry form. What you need to tick The form asks for your details, requires … Continue reading

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