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Xeno Tactic levelHaving just finished all my Uni assignments I have a lot more free time now, and a need to de-stress. So what do I do that doesn’t require too much brain power and is not important?

Someone pointed me in the direction of Newgrounds. Go watch some silly movies or play web games.

Xeno Tactic
So I found Xeno Tactic. A defence game where you have to stop all the aliens from walking from one side of the screen to the other. On the first level they just walk from left to right, and on subsequent levels from top to bottom as well.

You start with 80 gold and buy weapon turrets to wipe out the aliens. The cheapest is the basic Vulcan Turret at 5 gold. More expensive turrets include plasma, freeze rays and missiles. These have a greater range and/or rate of fire. You can also upgrade existing turrets, increasing their damage/range/rate of fire.

Each alien you kill earns you gold. The harder aliens earn you more of it. You can build new turrets or upgrade existing ones as you have the money. But building and upgrading takes time, and turrets won’t fire while upgrading.

So you put down turrets, they shoot the aliens, should be easy. Well not quite so easy. Some aliens are quite tough and need to be shot quite a bit.

Since the aliens just take the quickest route across the screen and don’t attack the turrets, I found the best way to deal with this is to create a maze so the aliens walk back and forth next to the same turrets a number of times. Which also increases the turrets cost to effectiveness ratio. Only problem is the waves of flying aliens.

Over all an ok game, but very addictive if the you are into that sort of thing. I have spent a bit too much time trying to finish some levels. 🙂

Xeno Tactic

(Started a month a go when I initially found the game, and only just finished now)

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