Inner city kiddom

There is a current baby boom in inner city Sydney. And it is putting strain on the resources that weren’t expecting it. Just ask RPA who down sized their labour ward before the boom.

If you walk around Newtown you will notice a increase in number of babies over the last few years. Other inner city suburbs have been seeing it too. My theory for the current boom has nothing to do with the PM’s baby bonus. It is a nice addition, but it was already going to happen. And it is nice to see that the Sydney Morning Herald agrees with me.

So why the current explosion in baby number in the inner city? Professional women. There are many women who focused on work rather than family (having children) now in their early to mid 30s, who have decided it is best to have children while they can.

The current explosion of births is just a flow on from a previous explosion. The kids of the baby boomers are now having kids themselves.

And if you like living in the inner city, why move out to the ‘burbs to have kids? In the inner city things are close to hand, public transport is good and you already know the people in your community.

People are choosing not to give up the rest of their lives just to have kids.


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