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This web site begs the question, Y

The new Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre* web site looks visually ok, and it has some general text about the Centre. But all the useful information is only contained in downloadable PDFs. Why? Aren’t web sites put up to convey information … Continue reading

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Automaticaly updated, but not totally automated

It’s funny to see user error messages on computers that act as public notice boards. You would think that this process could have been automated. This photo was taken of one such notice board at UTS in building 2.

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Cheap chocolate at Woolworths

At $2.49 for a 250g block that’s just under a cent per gram. Very cheap Cadbury chocolate.

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The topsy-turvy world of magnetic real estate agents

Magnetic signs on cars are an interesting usage of technology. Though it looks like someone had fun with these ones. I came across this real estate agent’s car parked in the Enmore. You can see what look like a business … Continue reading

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This is one very sick game

A fantasy plague that accidentally ran amok in the internet’s most popular game world, populated by nine million flesh-and-blood players, may help scientists predict the impact of genuine epidemics, according to a study released Tuesday. World of Warcraft is being … Continue reading

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To Evac or not to Evac? UTS

Finishing lunch under the tower building a low whining sound could be heard in the background. And after a minute I realised it was a file alarm. And moving out side I found these 2 fire engines attending the building. … Continue reading

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Cups this way

An arrow made from plastic cups in the fence on Broadway, opposite UTS building 10. Quite nicely done.

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Aliens abduct Weekly World News

A newspaper famous for printing extraordinary stories will finally cease printing. Succumbing not pressures about the validity of its stories, but to its bank balance. Praised in the movie Men In Black as “the best damn investigative reporting on the … Continue reading

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Playing chicken at peak hour

Photo of King Street bridge in Newtown at peak hour. It amazes me how many people don’t wait for the lights, and just try to cross between the cars. Not that I would wish them any ill will, but some … Continue reading

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Drying up, hands or money

Last Friday I came across this device in the men’s room at UTS. A shiny new hand drier, with an LCD screen. As you stand to dry your hands advertisements are displayed (along with tinny music). Is the uni finding … Continue reading

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