To Evac or not to Evac? UTS

Tower building evacuated

Finishing lunch under the tower building a low whining sound could be heard in the background. And after a minute I realised it was a file alarm. And moving out side I found these 2 fire engines attending the building.

Turns out it was just a false alarm on level 2. No need for me to be late to my next lecture. And most people seemed to have ignored the alarm, continuing what they were doing.

So who’s responsibility is it to evacuate people if there really is an alarm? When I realised it was a fire alarm should I have pointed this out to the rest of the people in the food court? Should building security or people from the Union make announcement and organise people to leave the building in an orderly manner? Who is the fire warden for that area?

If/when there really is a fire in the tower building at UTS I hope that more is done to evacuate people from the building.

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