Fake perl in oyster, read all about it

As it happens there is a man selling Sydney Rock Oysters laced with Viagra. His idea was to produce a super aphrodisiac. Perhaps a smart marketing move, unfortunately the same can’t be said about his Internet usage.

He has been trying to promote the idea through a website. And when an email from Google arrived saying saying it was the “fastest growing internet story since 9/11” he went straight to the media.

A story in the Sydney Morning Herald details how the wool was putted over his eyes.

My favourite quote from the story is:

“Obviously, I’m not dumb, if I’d knew there was anything wrong with it at that point I’d have gone ‘shit I’m not going to put that on national television on Sunday night’.”

No, he is obviously just gullible and didn’t think to check the email authenticity.

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