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Qld LAN party, after 2 years

Well it seems that Queensland finally got its LAN party. I noted the speculation 2 years ago, and it seems to have finally happened (without Howard to put it off). The Liberal and National parties in Queensland have merged to … Continue reading

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Government censors internet policy

Yesterday I received the usual email with a summary of domain name news. Though the response about one of the articles was more interesting. ************************************************ CHILD PROTECTION, FILTERING & CONTENT REGULATION ************************************************ au: Industry Code of Practice to make internet … Continue reading

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nefurious \ nuh-FUR-ee-uhs \ adjective: infamous because of their (unkept) beard or lack of shaving

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A terrorist stole my garbage bin

Just had the G8 summit in Tokyo. Lots of notices about beefed up security. And bins have been blocked off so you can use them, er put bombs in them. It is funny though to find that in a society … Continue reading

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Kyoto to be less combini-ent

It seems Kyoto is planning to take drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gasses. Close all the convenience stores (combini to the Japanese). Well, not quite that drastic. Japan Today reports that Kyoto is encouraging convenience stores to close early, so … Continue reading

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