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Rain in Shinjuku

Wet street at night on the east side of Shinjuku train station, Tokyo Japan. (Taken 10 August 2008)

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Beijing Olympic Medal Count (BOMC 0.3)

It may be a little late, considering the Olympics are almost over, but I thought people might like it anyway. Here is a widget I wrote to display the medal count at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Since there is no … Continue reading

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BBNT – Be back next time, I think not

Trying to sort through my 365 Nights photos and workout what extra needs to be uploaded (a lot really). And I came across this photo I took of the closed BBNT (Burgers, Burritos, Nachos and Tacos) in Newtown. The store … Continue reading

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Top 23 hits on Radio Guantanamo

What tracks do DJs at Radio Guantanamo like to play? Well the SMH has a list of tracks apparently used for torture. Music used in American military prisons on detainees during interrogation for the effect of: sleep deprivation, culture shock, … Continue reading

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Asleep on the train in Tokyo

Commuters asleep on the Chūō-Sōbu Line. With the amount of time people spent travelling on trains in Tokyo it is not uncommon to see some people sleeping. A hectic day at work, then the required social night out with work … Continue reading

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